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New Career Ideas You Can Pursue As A Sole Trader

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Have you always wanted to be a sole trader? There are plenty of new career ideas to consider in the area of services and online businesses. The range in the type of profits you can potentially make and levels of skill required to even get started.

To begin with, if you want to complete career change then you will need a certain amount of training or education for going into specific roles. As an example, you could switch to working as a driving instructor, childcare assistant, personal trainer or a pilates teacher if you have the inclination to do the right amount of training. Creative individuals often prefer to pursue roles such as interior design, the spoke catering or party planning.

There are still a great many career ideas for the unskilled too. Why not try your hand at being a taxi driver, doing leaflet distribution, gardener, DIY/repair work, dog walker, house minder, window cleaning, etc. Most of these types of roles do not require any specific skills and can easily be started quite rapidly.

The Internet however is an area of greater interest to most people. Some of the most profitable business ventures can be started quite simply. If you have the technical ability, web coding skills and salesmanship then it makes sense to start creating your own websites or blogs and start promoting and selling products. You don’t even have to sell or create your own products since you can act as an affiliate marketer selling other people’s software/e-books/etc.

Even if you don’t have coding/programming abilities then there are still new career ideas available online. For example, anybody with a variety of language skills can easily get started as a translator. Likewise, proofreading and editing of books, web-pages or magazines is something which through is always demand for online. Finally, market research companies are always looking for freelance researchers to help with the volume of work they need to complete.

Sales Process Steps Worth Trying to Complete a Business Transaction


Any business has to follow the six sales process steps for completing a successful business transaction. And great customer service ability and skills are required to attain these steps. The business must also have thorough knowledge of the product which it intends to sell in the market.

The first and the most important step in completing a sale is meeting the customer. When you identify a customer, just say hello, how can I help you? This will make the customer feel that he is valued and his presence is acknowledged in the location. Next speak with the person to find out what he is actually looking for. If the customer is unsure about what is he looking for, try to find out what he wants to describe you about what he is looking for. After finding out what the person actually wants, take him to the product so that his issue is solved.

While handling the customer, make sure to answer all the queries about the product satisfactorily. If you can’t provide answer to customer queries, find a person who can answer his questions. This will let the customer know that he is being cared. Speak with the customer about the product which he chooses and if you think that you can provide better product then suggest him about that particular product.

Lastly, close the deal by asking him if he is all finish or want to check out. Finally, finish the transaction by saying, “have a good day,” to the customer. This will facilitate supply chain visibility because more customers will visit your store due to great customer service. Besides this, promoting the company will also help to promote the products you sell. Following these simple sales process steps will ensure that you have offered better service to the customer and will be happy to complete a sale for the company.