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How to Find the Best Dedicated Server Provider


Dedicated servers are a type of internet hosting where the website owner leases an entire server for their hosting needs. Your website needs to be on a reliable server at all times. If the server is having a problem and your website is down even for a short period of time, then you should be able to trust your hosting company to fix the problem and have your website up and running again in no time. The longer your site is down, the more business you will lose so it is important that your site is in good hands at all times.

If you do not carefully search for a reliable hosting company, you may not be able to get in touch with anyone from their support team when you need them most. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully look for a dependable quality web hosting company that can meet your needs and make sure that you don’t loose any business due to error. When searching for a hosting company, there are several things to look for, including:

  • Bandwidth Allocations – They should offer generous bandwidth allocations to meet your exact storage and hosting needs.
  • Operating Systems – They should offer a number of different operating systems to choose from.
  • Reliable Support – They should offer reliable support 24 / 7 so that if you are ever experiencing a hosting problem, they can address it right away so that your website is down for the least amount of time possible.
  • Hosting Control Panels – Although not all hosting companies will offer this, some quality hosting companies will offer simple, user-friendly hosting control panels to website owners so that owners can manage their server with ease.
  • Various Plans – They should offer a number of different hosting plans and customized plans to best meet your business’s needs and price range.

Need Ideas for Physician Marketing?


You may be a good physician but perhaps you only know little about physician marketing. This is important if you want to extend your services to other clients. What would be the most suitable marketing strategy these days? In these times where more people are relying on the internet for information instead of scanning the newspapers, it would be a good idea if you consider online marketing. Perhaps you think that maintaining a website would be very tedious for you and would take a lot of time. Don’t worry, as you can just hire a company to do the marketing for you while you just focus on your patients.

Look for a company that has a wide experience when it comes to marketing ideas that are suitable for physicians. One good company you may want to consider is Fiddler Medical. They will be the ones to create the website for you and do the maintenance. They offer a lot of features for the websites that they create that would be very useful for you as a physician. For instance, they can include mobile apps that will enable you to update or view your stats through your mobile phone. With the right company, your life will be easier.

Your medical website design must give the right impression to your potential clients. It shouldn’t be too complicated that people who visit your website will have a hard time navigating it. Even though most people don’t know much about developing a website but people who use the internet can tell what a good website is. Your website can only affect a person’s impression about you and your services. That is why you need to find a reliable website design company that understands your needs and the needs of your target audience as well.

Reseller Bulk SMS Caters To Specialized Markets


The incredible popularity of text messaging in recent years has made this a huge new retail market. Just like any widget, SMS is sold in units that are bought and sold through distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. The big telecommunication companies obviously control the text messaging market, but their huge customer base requires them to take a generalized approach toward marketing. The function of an independent reseller bulk SMS is to cater to the specialized needs of other SMS users.

Many large businesses are using text messaging as an efficient form of internal communication for memos and announcements. Marketing firms reach hundreds of thousands with SMS, and polling companies use them to make responding easier. A reseller bulk SMS can provide a good price for many units, which reduces the users communications costs. The reseller makes his or her money by buying many units in bulk generally from a single wholesaler.

Benefits Of Reseller Bulk SMS

Establishing a loyal customer base will be job one for any reseller bulk SMS. By achieving this, a reseller establishes a reliable income stream. Expenses will include the cost of the merchandise and marketing costs, as well as a licensing fee payable to the wholesaler. This fee grants you the right to buy at lower cost from the wholesaler as well as to use the infrastructure that they have set up.

In many cases, a wholesale company will provide website templates to be branded by the reseller. This is one of the ways they attempt to reduce start up cost for new resellers. They, like you, want to see the SMS market keep expanding. A reseller bulk SMS can set prices and drive their business any way they see fit. This is the area where creativity and good business sense will payoff. Successful marketing and customer relations will be essential factors.

  • Apps for Bulk SMS on Android (brighthub.com)

Find A Suitable Bulk SMS Reseller And Take Your Marketing To New Heights


The internet has of course been an enormous boon for the success of many companies. Businesses all over the world have gained their traction almost exclusively through E-commerce, and some have a marketing presence only online, and not at all in the real world. However, this model has almost reached its peak, and so business owners are on the lookout for the next big thing – where can marketing go next? The answer is text message marketing, sometimes referred to as M-commerce. There are various advantages to marketing with text messages, including a greater retention in the user’s mind – people tend to remember the text messages they receive and the ability to more effectively target the advertisements. All of this can only be achieved using a bulk SMS reseller.

The Benefits Of A Bulk SMS Reseller

What is a bulk SMS reseller? Essentially, it is a company that buys very large numbers of SMS text messages from providers at bulk, wholesale prices, and then resells them to you with various services and guarantees attached. The general principle is that by using such a reseller you can target your advertisements to colossal numbers of potential customers and ensure that all reach their destinations. The potential that this method of marketing provides is hard to fathom – you can both massively improve the effectiveness of your basic advertising and have an excellent source of new ideas on how to suitably market your products or services. Consider the potential of customer voting, for example: the use of text messages allows you to set up a simple way for your customers to vote on product ideas.

A bulk SMS reseller is required for all of this. There are many such service providers, and they are numerous and varied enough to afford you many options in the type of service and price. It should not be difficult for you to find an option that suits you and your business perfectly and has the potential to massively increase your profits.

  • Before you send that SMS, think about The Last Text. (allaboutsymbian.com)

SnaBiz – iPhone Business Card Application

SnaBiz Business Card Reader

SnaBiz – iPhone Business Card Application

If you have a lot of business cards or receive a lot of business cards weekly, that are not entered into an online contact database, your new iPhone has the ability to convert those business cards to iPhone contacts within minutes. SnaBiz is an iPhone application that you can purchase that will take a picture of any business card an recognize the text on the card. You select the fields that match the text recognized and everything is stored for you to sort, search, and contact later.

Snabiz utilizes the Tesseract OCR engine to recognize the text on your cards. This OCR recognition software is considered the most accurate available by many. The application is easy to use and takes photos of the cards with the built in iPhone camera. An additional lens for magnification might be helpful. Taking a photo is a three second process and recognizing the text on the card takes another 15 seconds. The text field assignment can be completed in as few as a 2 minutes depending on how quickly you can designate the destination of the text recognized.