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Promote A Facebook Fan Page With Facebook Promotion Cards



Promote A Facebook Fan Page With Facebook Promotion Cards


Facebook has become an incredible marketing tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, entertainers, and many more. Facebook promotion cards offer an easy and effective way to spread the word about a Facebook fan page. Get more attention and more visits to a fan page by using a well designed promo card.


Illustration of Facebook mobile interface

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Utilizing a Facebook fan page is a smart way to market on the web. Millions of people access their accounts on the social networking site each and every day, so there is the potential to reach a wide variety of individuals. With Facebook promotion cards, people who may not have ever had a chance to see a particular page will now have their interest piqued. It is an affordable and savvy marketing tool.

What makes a Facebook fan page so useful is that it allows for instant connection with others. A page administrator can communicate directly with fans and answer questions, as well as post important updates that are visible right away. It is the perfect way to spread the word and get a name out in the public.

Technology has changed the way that marketing is done today. The web is the perfect place for promoting a business, idea, individual, and just about anything else. It is a key element to successful promotion and marketing in the modern world, and is likely to remain significant for some time. Facebook promotion cards offer the simplest and most effective method for gaining new fans and bringing more eyes onto a Facebook fan page.



Effective Social Media Marketing Using Google Alerts For Small Business


Google Alerts

Image via CrunchBase

Only a small percentage of small business owners believe their social media strategy delivers all they need. In my opinion, a trusted adviser should inform SMB customers about ways to leverage this online technology in their favor.

Reputation management is crucial when utilizing social media. Google Alerts is a service that allows you to receive updates about what is posted online about your products, personnel and company as well as your competitors. You can have updates delivered immediately, daily or weekly to allow you a chance to respond to any issues quickly.

Business owners should also monitor the sites that rate businesses and read all negative and positive comments. These sites include ResellerRatings, Ripoff Report and Angie’s List. You should attempt to satisfy any customers that write negative reviews or at least respond to their concerns.

Your goal is to create an interactive online community with two-way communication between the company and its customers. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most popular sites but many small businesses ranked Google+ the highest for being the most helpful in a recent industry study by Vocus.

StumbleUpon was ranked between YouTube and LinkedIn as far as being helpful, but it ranked low in the number of small business owner users. Foursquare and Pinterest are two more effective social sites for building community.

A blog is another useful tool but it requires a bigger time commitment than other options.

The business owner can decide whether to set up a landing page directed to a specific item or a home page. Careful analysis of results is necessary to determine if the strategy is reducing complaints, increasing traffic, raising community awareness and bringing in new customers.

Allocating traditional media resources to interactive media strategy is one way to deal with the cost. Many businesses decrease spending in print ads and direct mail.

You must let your customers know that a social media marketing strategy is effective with a solid plan, execution, evaluation and revision when necessary.

Website Video Production – Create Visual Content For Your Website

A video editor operating an AVID video softwar...

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If you want to promote your website using website video production then there are a few ways that you will want to learn to create videos. Most people think that in order to create video they have to be in front of a camera or be filming one of their products on the video. This is not true as you will find out later on in this article. There are a few different ways that you will be able to create videos that do not require for anyone to be in front of a camera or for you to be displaying one of your products. By the time you finish reading this article you will know of a couple of ways that you can make your next video.

One way that you can make a video for your website is by putting together a PowerPoint presentation. Once you have the presentation together you will be able to use some screen capturing software to record that presentation. You will want to have a good narrator that can read through the presentation so that people can understand him or her clearly. Another way that you will be able to make a video is by using screen capture software to record different items on your website. You could possibly make a video showing people how they can navigate around easier or how to buy something off your website. Believe it or not there are people out there who have trouble doing the things they want to do even on the simplest of websites and they will really appreciate the fact that you went through the trouble of creating a video to show them how to do it.


These are two different ways that you can use website video production on your pages without having to be in front of the camera. All you will need is some good screen recording software and something interesting that your customers and potential customers want to see. Give these methods a try and see how much of a difference it makes in your business.

If you would like help producing high quality audio visual content for your site you might want to make use of a company such as Subject Matters.

Step-By-Step Changes


Step-by-step changes are essential when it comes to improving yourself. Improvements don’t take place overnight. They require consideration and preparation in order to achieve. Incremental changes should not be overlooked. These are still changes that matter and can help you to reach your primary goals. If you are in need of some help with goal setting, consider hiring a third party consulting company like Eternicom.

Step-by-step changes in your professional life can be instrumental. This is a way to advance in your current position or to move on to a completely new one. Many people want to see changes in their personal lives. They want to improve themselves through the way they deal with others. Settling down into serious relationships is one way to reach personal some goals. Improving communication skills, building confidence and many other changes can be productive.

Setting goals over time

Some goals take a specific amount of time to achieve. Giving you enough time is essential to this achievement. When goals take a long time to achieve, preparations are necessary. Step-by-step changes can be very helpful in this process. It will provide you with a less stressful way of reaching goals.

Measuring your progress

You can measure your progress by looking at the changes that you have made over time. Once you’ve achieved your goal you can simply cross it off the list. Some people choose to replace one goal with another. It is important to evaluate your goals regularly. Adjusting goals and eliminating goals is sometimes necessary. As you advance, you may want to decide which goals are still important to you.

Allowing for patience

Patience is important whenever you want to achieve anything. This is especially true when it comes to self-improvement. The step-by-step changes in this process require being patience. Even if you are unable to see major changes this doesn’t mean that you aren’t improving overall. Patience takes the stress and pressure off of achieving goals. Giving yourself time to reach your goals is a good idea.

For more information about other changes you could make on your road to self-improvement, check out Eternicom on Youtube.

The Power Of Online Marketing


The power of online marketing is leveling the playing field in the business world. Small and creative companies with tiny advertising budgets can now compete on a global scale with the giants. All that is required is a bit of creativity, persistence and of course, desire. Tools like Facebook, blogging, twitter, and email can turn any business into a success almost instantly.

The advantages of blogging are numerous. For example, blogging is a great way of developing a passionate following for your company. Blogs can keep your clientele informed of changes going on in your business. A well done blog will keep you on client’s minds as they make purchasing decisions. Blogging is also a great way of “hooking” clients to the vision of your company whatever it may be. Followers of blogs tend to be more loyal and more likely to refer your business to others.

Setting up a blog is free and easy. A novice can create a fairly attractive and professional looking blog at sites like WordPress and Blogger. All you need is an account and your ready to start blogging. These blog formats allow you to create your own content, and post pictures, and video from YouTube. An average user can become proficient with blogging quite quickly. The downside of these formats is that they are somewhat limited in their design, and not very adaptable to your needs.

If you wish to create a blog from scratch, you can hire a designer to do the legwork for you. This is not something I would recommend for the average business owner. It will take you away from what you do best- running your business.

Blogging is changing the way we communicate and do business. It is a fast, easy, and very affordable way of building your business

John Wells offers businesses many ideas to market their business online and he recommends all businesses to use Lead Net Pro. Lead Net Pro is the most cutting edge software that will take your business to the next level.

Product Roadmap Design | Fundamental Planning Considerations


Planning out a product roadmap design requires careful consideration of how ideas are to be incorporated into your plans in order to produce product lines that target the right markets. Here I’ll show you an end-to-end process for creating product roadmaps from scratch.

Product managers usually have the sole responsibility of administering and creating the product roadmap. The starting point is to bring together as many ideas as possible about new potential lines. This can incorporate new technologies, elements of your business development strategy, feature requests, target customer segments, etc. All employees should be able to contradict their own ideas matter which department they are in.

The major task of organizing these ideas should be done based on market capitalization. The reason for doing this is that you can then set out specific products that target each market. You can also research the potential return on investment for each target market (based on market size, potential penetration rates, competition, etc.). This analysis will immediately bring up several markets which are most desirable and should be focused on.

The product roadmap should then focus in on one or two lines with short-term goals for the specific markets. Long-term opportunities could also be included into your product roadmap but the real danger is that they will always be prone to changing in the long-term.

Collaboration with your architecture board/engineering teams should also be done to establish if there are any foundation components that can help reusability of initial product lines. This can prove to be profitable at later stages if variations on initial product lines can be made.

Your product roadmap should then be reviewed by your colleagues and peers and changes factored in. The product roadmap itself will change over time to include new technologies and markets that are identified. It is still however still the sole responsibility of the product manager (or sometimes the CTO) to administer and communicate all changes that are being made.