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Anybody Can Make a Living Online

I lost my job in the 2010 disaster of an Irish economy. I used to drive a van and was on call 24 hours a day alternate weeks. I have bills to pay and no chance at all of ever getting another job, so I decided to make my own income.

I am a teacher by training, so I count myself as educated. I can write 1000 words about anything. My general knowledge is excellent. I use these skills to write articles for websites that need them. I have my own sites where I post some articles and I post some to article directories where I earn a percentage of the ads readers see around my work.

Every day I see beggars on the streets of Cork. These people were there waving their collecting cups at me even during the boom years. I never give them a penny. I have seen them spending there day’s begging money on whiskey and beer.

In the mess that has happened to the world economy everyone needs to learn how to make extra money. There are many opportunities online to do just that and without having to get your wallet out to buy anything.

My daughter will be made redundant next month and she asked me, “How can I make extra money?” It saddens me to see her struggling, but there is nothing I can do to help her until my own position is more secure.

I have referred her to the sites that I write for, again. I referred her to these sites six months ago, but she could not be bothered. Maybe she will this time because she has her own place and rent to pay now.

I wish I could send the beggars away with a flea in their ears, telling them to go and earn a living online.

Need Ideas for Physician Marketing?

You may be a good physician but perhaps you only know little about physician marketing. This is important if you want to extend your services to other clients. What would be the most suitable marketing strategy these days? In these times where more people are relying on the internet for information instead of scanning the newspapers, it would be a good idea if you consider online marketing. Perhaps you think that maintaining a website would be very tedious for you and would take a lot of time. Don’t worry, as you can just hire a company to do the marketing for you while you just focus on your patients.

Look for a company that has a wide experience when it comes to marketing ideas that are suitable for physicians. One good company you may want to consider is Fiddler Medical. They will be the ones to create the website for you and do the maintenance. They offer a lot of features for the websites that they create that would be very useful for you as a physician. For instance, they can include mobile apps that will enable you to update or view your stats through your mobile phone. With the right company, your life will be easier.

Your medical website design must give the right impression to your potential clients. It shouldn’t be too complicated that people who visit your website will have a hard time navigating it. Even though most people don’t know much about developing a website but people who use the internet can tell what a good website is. Your website can only affect a person’s impression about you and your services. That is why you need to find a reliable website design company that understands your needs and the needs of your target audience as well.

How to use Beer Pong Tables as a Marketing Medium

These days, it is common to feel inundated by advertising and marketing. Billboards, TV commercials, radios ads, internet ads, magazines, buses, taxi cabs, stickers, and the likes. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something. As a company, especially a smaller company, this over saturation of marketing can make effective marketing among ones target demographic a challenging and seemingly daunting task.  The thing that many advertisers lack is creativity. Most advertisers do not connect with their target market and therefore fail to leave an impression. Beer Pong Tables are one effective way of leaving a positive impression with the college age/young professional market. These days you can actually brand a custom beer pong table with your company logo and leave a positive impression on an entire party.  Here is why this is effective:

  1. The game of beer pong is hugely popular: Did you know that 50-80% of 6,000 college students that were surveyed play drinking games, particularly beer pong. Why should you care about that? Lots of people love the game. If you brand the table, you automatically create a positive association.
  2. Beer pong tables are used naturally in social settings. Unlike billboards which are created specifically for advertising, beer pong tables are being used to play on and gather around at parties, bars, bbqs and tailgates regardless of if you brand them or not. Beer pong tables are a portable medium so you receive brand exposure via the table’s natural use in various scenes, which translates to more impressions among a varied crowd.
  3. Beer pong tables are popular because they give people a common interest around which to gather. Not only do the players stand at the table, when you unfold a beer pong table, you naturally draw viewers that want to observe the game, and by default, you’re branding.
  4. Custom Beer Pong Tables are relatively inexpensive. You can customize one of these tables for around $220/table as compared to thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.

Increasing Your Site’s Ranking Using SEO Services

Hiring the services of an SEO company will be very helpful when you want to improve the ranking of your website. Businesses today heavily rely on search engine optimization in order to drive more people to visit their website. With effective internet marketing strategies, a company can easily rise above the rest. That is why if you have your own business or website, you should make sure that you hire SEO companies which make use of good SEO practices.

In order to make sure that you are in the right hands of SEO companies, you should find a way to assess the quality and competence of the SEO company. This means you will be looking at how they generate links for your website. If you notice that they heavily rely on link farms, it is a sign that the company is not doing well. More that that, you should watch out for companies who are into black hat SEO. Instead, seek the services of those professionals who use white hat search engine optimization strategies.

Some companies are into social bookmarking and link directories in order to drive more traffic to their website. But contrary to popular beliefs, this is not an effective strategy to get more people looking at your website. There are other ways to drive more people into your site without using the social bookmarking sites.

If you happen to work with an SEO company to promote your site, you should demand for regular updates. You need to be informed about the links and sites that you are linked to because these will also determine your ranking in major search engines. You can ask the company to send you a summary of the link building activities via email. This will give you an overall view of the entire process.

You also want to learn from the experts by reading online forums that discuss about the complexities of search engine optimization. You will get more ideas about this topic by simply reading the posts. Some internet gurus would share their own ideas and experiences about SEO. This will also boos your confidence as you become more informed about the trends.

Learning about SEO is also another way to stay on top of things especially if you want to manage a business. This will surely help you understand how SEO works and you can make use of available resources online to drive more traffic to your website.

Online Marketing Tools – Perfect Means To Generate Business Income

Online marketing tools are an ideal means to promote an online business or service in a successful manner. The marketing tools are cost effective and enable you to generate high sales. Besides, the tools aid to reach a number of potential customers, investors, bloggers, etc. and remain connected with them for a long time. With the implementation of proper marketing strategies and tools, companies can launch money making websites and thereby boost online presence.

Popular tools to promote online marketing:

Google Analytics – This is an enterprise-class web tool that aids in analyzing statistics pertaining to the number of users visiting the site. It is a flexible and user-friendly solution that helps to track visitors from search engines, referrals, email marketing, etc. Using the tool, keywords that produce high sales conversion on individual website pages can be added or identified to target customers. The analytics code can be added to each page to categorize the sources of web traffic and unique links can also be created on the pages to track online or offline marketing campaigns.

Twitter – This is a microblogging service now proving to be beneficial for both small and large size businesses. This is a perfect means to develop a well-planned online promotional campaign. It helps to increase your customer base, improve brand loyalty, and also establish good partnership deals. Besides, Twitter offers several tools like TwtQpon that lets site visitors gain thorough information on a specific brand or service marketed online.

Blogs – This is another type of website especially favored by search engines. This offers the ability to earn good rankings on search engines provided useful and informative details about an online business are posted.

ClickTale – This tool facilitates recording the browsing sessions and scrolling patterns of a site visitor. It also offers details on a visitor’s interaction with the links, buttons, forms, and fields available on the site. These details help to upgrade site usabilityh and in discarding redundant website pages.

With several tools available, it is essential to choose online marketing tools that help to enhance overall business profit, and that keep your business ahead of your competition.

How To Make Money With Blogs: Be A Good Problem Solver

The most successful blogs are those that are good at solving problems.  When your readers are able to find solutions on your blog they will continue to visit.  Your goal is to not only attract readers in the first place but to keep them coming back again and again.  You will be able to do this if you can learn how to solve their problems.  The following are some ideas to help you become a good problem solver.

  1.  They are looking for solutions —  Make money blogs provide solutions, bottom line.  This is what readers want and you need to be able to provide that for them.  Put your thinking cap on and write down as many problems related to your niche that you can think of.  Tap into your own experiences as well.  What problems have you encountered?  This will give you plenty of things to write about and many solutions to provide your readers.
  2.  Stay in the loop —  Keep up on your niche.  Know what is hot.  Always do your research and stay current with information in your niche.  If you do this you will know what the trends are and consistently write about things that are hot at the moment.  Your readers will definitely notice and appreciate this and will become regular visitors to your blog.
  3.  Communicate with your readers —  What better way to find out what your readers would like to see than going straight to the source?  Pay attention to what they are saying.  Take the time to read their emails and their comments.  You can learn a lot from them.  When you are able to learn what is hot for them then it will be a piece of cake to provide it.  When you are able to provide your readers with what they want, you have got it made.

If you are just beginning and want to know how to make money with blogs then pay attention to these ideas.  You should strive to become a good problem solver.  Always be providing solutions.  Know what your readers want and give it to them.  You will develop a great customer base and your blog will become stronger and stronger each day.